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LWS SDO Workshop

Poster Session – P3/P4

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Poster Session – P1/P2


Featuring P1:  Plenary Sessions 2a and 2b, and Hinode/IRIS Splinters

Poster Session – P1/P2


Featuring P2:  Plenary Sessions 4a and 4b
Poster Session – P3/P4


Featuring P3:  Plenary Sessions 1a and 1b
Poster Session – P3/P4


Featuring P4:  Plenary Sessions 3a and 3b, and E-Posters from Plenary Session 1b

Thursday, Nov. 6, 1 pm – 2:45 pm, Poster Session – P3/P4
Featuring P4:  Plenary Sessions 3a and 3b, and E-Posters from Plenary Session 1b
Plenary Session 3a. Ion-Neutral Interactions within Earth's Atmosphere and the Solar Atmosphere
De Pontieu, Bart   Why is Non-Thermal Line Broadening of Lower Transition Region Lines Independent of Spatial Resolution?
Fletcher, Lyndsay   Properties of the Partially Ionised Flare Chromosphere Deduced from SDO Lyman Continuum Observations
Fontenla, Juan      Chromospheric Radiative Energy Loss and Spectrum
Hillier, Andrew  The (PIP) Code:  A new astrophysical code to study partially ionised plasma
Jaeggli, Sarah   Molecular Hydrogen in the Chromosphere, IRIS Observations and a Simple Model
Lewis, Maggie Solar Irradiance Impacts on Earth's Atmosphere Ion-Neutral Processes
Skogsrud, Håkon On the Multi-Threaded Nature of Solar Spicules
Plenary Session 3b Heliosphere-Magnetosphere Interactions from Bowshock to Geotail
Agapitov, Oleksiy Empirical Model of Chorus Wave Distribution in the Outer Radiation Belt
Plenary Session 1b. Reconnection and Magnetic Instabilities in Geospace, Heliosphere, and Solar Atmosphere
Antolin, Patrick   Strand-like Structure and Characteristic Spectral Signatures of Transversely Oscillating Flux Tubes in the Solar Corona   *E-Poster*
Brewer, Jasmine Modeling a Super-Hot, Above-the-Loop-Top Thermal HXR Source as the Slow-Shock-Heated Reconnection Outflow   *E-Poster*
Kobelski, Adam   Initiation of AR-AR Reconnection after Flux Emergence   *E-Poster*
Williams, David   Supersonic Outflows Observed Along a Filament Eruption   *E-Poster*