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LWS SDO Workshop

Poster Session – P3/P4

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Poster Session – P1/P2


Featuring P1:  Plenary Sessions 2a and 2b, and Hinode/IRIS Splinters

Poster Session – P1/P2


Featuring P2:  Plenary Sessions 4a and 4b
Poster Session – P3/P4


Featuring P3:  Plenary Sessions 1a and 1b
Poster Session – P3/P4


Featuring P4:  Plenary Sessions 3a and 3b, and E-Posters from Plenary Session 1b


Wednesday, Nov. 5, 10:15 am – 12 pm, Poster Session – P3/P4
Featuring P3:  Plenary Sessions 1a and 1b
Plenary Session 1a. Magnetic Energy and Field from Solar Interior to Corona and Heliosphere
Alexander, Caroline   Simulated Time Lags of Hinode/XRT and SDO/AIA Lightcurves as an Indication of Loop Heating Scenario
Allred, Joel     Modeling Nanoflare-Heated Solar Coronal Active Regions
Barnes, Graham  Characterizing the Properties of Coronal Magnetic Null Points
Cadavid, (Ana) Cristina Dissipation of MHD Turbulence and Heating of Coronal Loops in Non-flaring Active Region Cores
Chintzoglou, Georgios First Reconstruction of the 3-D Subsurface Magnetic Structure of Emerging Solar Active Regions Using Magnetic Vector Maps from HMI/SDO   *E-Poster*
Fleck, Bernard    Wave Propagation in the Internetwork Chromosphere:  Comparing IRIS Observations of Mg II h and k with Simulations
Foord, Adi     Observations of a Solar Flare in Association with a Quiescent Filament Eruption
Hahn, Michael    Evidence for Wave Heating of the Quiet Corona
Hansteen, Viggo  Chromospheric and Transition Region Signatures of Emerging Magnetic Flux Bubbles:  First Observations with IRIS and SST
Hoeksema, Todd     A Curiously Ineffective Solar Event
Jafarzadeh, Shahin    Distribution of Magnetic Fields in the Quiet-Sun Internetwork
Kasuga, Megumi   Different Photospheric Magnetic Properties at Footpoints between Hot and Warm Coronal Loops in Active Regions
Kawate, Tomoko  Comparison of Spectral Signatures of Mg II h, k and Ca II K Lines on a Plage Region
Kirk, Michael   Long-Term Periodicities in Polar Coronal Holes
Leamon, Robert   The Quasi-Annual Forcing of the Sun's Eruptive, Radiative and Particulate Output
Lowder, Chris  Solar Coronal Holes and Open Magnetic Flux
Marsh, Andrew  NuSTAR's First Solar Observations:  Search for Transient Brightenings / Nanoflares
Masada, Youhei   The Origin of Solar Magnetism - Large-scale Dynamos in Local and Global Convective Dynamo Simulations
Martinez Pillet, V. Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope: Collaborations and synergies between DKIST
Mason, Helen Chromospheric Evaporation in a Recent Joint IRIS/EIS Flare Observation
Norton, Aimee Anti-Hale Sunspot Groups
Oba, Takayoshi  Time Variation of Vertical Velocity Structures during Disappearance of Granules on the Photosphere
Pithadia, Manisha   Study of Mechanisms of Energy Build-up and Release in Solar Flares
Saar, Steven    A Study of the Relations between Large-Scale Active Region Canopies and Filament Formation over a Year
Saar, Steven    Time Variation of X-ray Bright Point Properties with Hinode XRT
Sako, Nobuharu  A Study of Acceleration Mechanisms of X-ray Jets
Schmit, Donald  Cool Plasma Observed in the FUV using IRIS   *E-Poster*
Scott, Roger      Inferring Magnetic Evolution in Supra-Arcade Fan Structures
Stenborg, Guillermo Role of Jetlets and Transient Bright Points in the Sustainability of Solar Coronal Plumes
Sun, Xudong On Magnetic Polarity Reversal and Surface Flux Transport during Solar Cycle 24
Tarbell, Ted    IRIS and Hinode SOT Observations of Small Photospheric Field Effects on the Chromosphere
Ugarte-Urra, Ignacio Active regions from Birth to Decay:  SDO/Hinode/STEREO observations   *E-Poster*
Wedemeyer, Sven Atmospheric Vortex Flows: New results and implications
Zacharias, Pia  Tracing Mass and Energy Flows in the Solar Atmosphere using Radiation-MHD Simulations   *E-Poster*
Plenary Session 1b.  Reconnection and Magnetic Instabilities in Geospace, Heliosphere, and Solar Atmosphere
Asgari-Targhi, M.   Nanoflare Heating Model and the Reconnection of Solar Coronal Loops
Black, Carrie     Steps toward Multiscale Coupling:  Shear Driving in Kinetic Simulations
DeLuca, Edward  Survey of Active Region Magnetic Field Models
DeVore, C. Richard  Solar Polar Jets Driven by Magnetic Reconnection with Gravity and Wind
Hannah, Iain   The HXR and EUV Energetics of Microflares
Herman, Daniel Statistics of AIA's EUV Response to Solar Flares
Imada, Shinsuke   Comparative Study of Hinode/EIS Spectroscopic Observation and Ionization Non-Equilibrium Calculation of Chromospheric Evaporation during a Solar Flare
Korreck, Kelly Jets in the Solar Wind:  What are measureable contributions from coronal jets
Kusano, Kanya   Simulation Study of Rapid Change of Photospheric Magnetic Field Associated with Solar Flares
McKenzie, David   Plasma Sheets in Post-CME Flares:  Turbulent Dynamics versus Temperature Variations
Moore, Ron   Reconnection and Spire Drift in Coronal Jets
Pulupa, Marc Core Electron Heating in Solar Wind Reconnection Exhausts
Savcheva, Antonia  A Topological View at Observed Flare Features:  An Extension of the Standard Flare Model to 3D
Shestov, Sergey   Observations of the Formation of the Hot Loop Arcades in the Mg XII 8.42 Å Line
Suematsu, Yoshinori   Dynamics of Solar Flare Kernels Observed with 3D Spectroscopy in H-alpha Line and SDO
Takasao, Shinsuke  Numerical Experiment of Emergence of Kink-unstable Flux Tube to Understand Formation of Delta-sunspots
Toriumi, Shin   Observation of Magnetic Reconnection and Recurrent Cool Jets in Emerging Active Region NOAA 11974
Xu, Zhonghua   Application of Wavelet Analysis on Conjugate High Latitude Geomagnetic ULF Pulsations