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LWS SDO Workshop

Poster Session – P1/P2

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Poster Session – P1/P2


Featuring P1:  Plenary Sessions 2a and 2b, and Hinode/IRIS Splinters

Poster Session – P1/P2


Featuring P2:  Plenary Sessions 4a and 4b
Poster Session – P3/P4


Featuring P3:  Plenary Sessions 1a and 1b
Poster Session – P3/P4


Featuring P4:  Plenary Sessions 3a and 3b, and E-Posters from Plenary Session 1b


Tuesday, Nov. 4, 10:45 am – 12:30 pm, Poster Session – P1/P2
Featuring P2:  Plenary Sessions 4a and 4b
Plenary Session 4a. Origins of Solar Magnetic Fields, Variability, and Effects at Earth
Bush, Rock I.  The On-Orbit Performance of the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager Instrument
DeLuca, Michael   Automatic vs. Human detection of Bipolar Magnetic Regions:  Using the best of both worlds
Didkovsky, Leonid  Some Results From a New Algorithm for Using Available SDO/EVE/MEGS-A Data as Reference Solar Spectra for the EVE/ESP Absolute Solar Irradiance Calculations
Hunt, Linda    SABER Observations of the Effects of Solar Variability in the Upper Atmosphere   *E-Poster*
Jaynes, Allison   Variability of Energetic Protons at the Outer Edge of the Inner Radiation Belt as Observed by Van Allen Probes
Kusano, Kanya   Simulation Study of Hemispheric Asymmetry in Solar Cycle Activities
Liu, Wei    IRIS Observations of a Novel, Hybrid Prominence-Coronal Rain Complex in a Supra-arcade Fan Geometry  *E-Poster*
Svalgaard, Leif     Revision of the Sunspot Number
Takeda, Aki    The New Hinode/XRT Synoptic Composite Image Archive and Derived Solar Soft X-ray Irradiance
Thiemann, Ed  FISM-P:  Modeling Solar VUV Variability throughout the Solar System
Wauters, Laurenc Mid-term Periodicities of the LYRA Data Spectrum
Wieman, Seth  SOHO/CELIAS/SEM 26-34 nm Absolute Irradiance Time Series from 1996 to 2014: A revised calibration and comparison with solar indices
Woodraska, Don SDO-EVE Data Products: Improvements and Plans
Woods, Thomas  EUV Late Phase Flares: Before & During SDO
Xu, Yan    Negative Flare Emissions Observed in EUV by SDO/AIA
Plenary Session 4b. Modeling and Forecasting Space Climate and Space Weather Events
Bamba, Yumi  Study on Triggering Process using SDO Data
Bertello, Luca   Uncertainties in Solar Synoptic Maps and Implications for Space Weather Prediction
Chen, Shihping   An Empirical Equatorial Spread-F Model Developed from FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC Scintillation Observation During 2007-2013    *E-Poster*
Dumbovic, Mateja The CME Geomagnetic Forecast Tool (CGFT)
Gorby, Matthew   Particle Acceleration in the Low Corona Over Broad Longitudes
Jones, Andrew  An Analysis of the Degradation of the EVE MEGS-A Filters:  Do we understand what is happening?
Kusano, Kanya   Triggering Mechanism and Predictability of Solar Eruptions
Leka, K. D.   Lessening the Effects of Projection for Line-of-Sight Magnetic Field Data
Lin, Cissi Ying-tsen Soft X-ray Irradiance Measured by the Solar Aspect Monitor on the Extreme Ultraviolet Variability Experiment
McIntosh, Scott On the High and Low Points of the Sun-Earth Connection
Nitta, Nariaki    Challenges in Understanding Heliospheric Disturbances before Making Space Weather Predictions Useful
Shimojo, Masumi     New Window of Solar Physics:  Solar observations with ALMA
Szabo, Adam  Space Weather Prediction with the DSCOVR Spacecraft
Timmons, Ryan  Coordinated Solar Observation and Event Searches using the HEK
Upton, Lisa     Improving Synchronic Maps with Far-Side Active Region Emergence   *E-Poster*
Wedemeyer, Sven   The SSALMONetwork: Potential science with ALMA as predicted by numerical simulations
Woods, Tom   The Miniature X-ray Solar Spectrometer (MinXSS) CubeSat
Zheng, Yihua    Challenges in Forecasting Geomagnetic Storms