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LWS SDO Workshop

Poster Session – P1/P2

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Poster Session – P1/P2


Featuring P1:  Plenary Sessions 2a and 2b, and Hinode/IRIS Splinters
Poster Session – P1/P2


Featuring P2:  Plenary Sessions 4a and 4b
Poster Session – P3/P4


Featuring P3:  Plenary Sessions 1a and 1b
Poster Session – P3/P4


Featuring P4:  Plenary Sessions 3a and 3b, and E-Posters from Plenary Session 1b

Monday, Nov. 3, 2 pm – 3:45 pm, Poster Session – P1/P2
Featuring P1:  Plenary Sessions 2a and 2b, and Hinode/IRIS Splinters
Plenary Session 2a. Evolving Coronal Mass Ejections from Corona, through the Heliosphere, into Geospace
Anton, Reva   Initiation and Early Evolution of the Coronal Mass Ejection on May 13, 2009 from EUV and White-Light Observations
Bain, Hazel  Mapping the Alfvén Speed profile in the Inner Heliosphere using Type II Radio Bursts
Boerner, Paul    Thermal Analysis of EUV Waves Observed with SDO/AIA
Carlyle, Jack   Probing the Density & Magnetic Fields of Eruptive Solar Filament Plasma
Chamberlin, Phil   Future Observations of Coronal Temperature and Electron Velocity with the Spherical Occulter Coronagraph CubeSat (SpOC Cube)
DeForest, Craig   The Future of Heliospheric Imaging
Evans, Kaitlin    A Kinematic Study of Eruptive Prominences
Howard, Tim   The Launch and Evolution of a Coronal Mass Ejection Flux Rope
Jibben, Patricia   Hinode, SDO AIA, and CoMP Observations of a Coronal Cavity with a Hot Coronal Cavity with a Hot Core   *E-Poster*
Kanda, Natsuo   Statistical Characteristics of Filament Eruptions Obtained by the EUV Spectroscopic Observations
Kendrick, Alexander  Automated Kinematics Analysis of Off-Limb Coronal Bright Fronts Observed with SDO/AIA
Liewer, Paulett      Observations and Analysis of the Non-Radial Propagation of Coronal Mass Ejections near the Sun
Linton, Mark  Investigating the Origin and Evolution of Magnetic Flux Ropes in the Heliosphere
Lugaz, Noe Shocks Inside Coronal Mass Ejections:  Properties and Geo-Effectiveness
Mason, James   Parameterizing Coronal Dimmings Associated with Coronal Mass Ejections
McCauley, Patrick   Filament Eruptions Observed by the Solar Dynamics Observatory   *E-Poster*
McKillop, Sean  Characterizing Twisting and Rolling Motions in Prominence Eruptions
Panesar, Navdeep Kaur SDO/AIA and STEREO/EUVI Observations of Prominence Dynamics during a Series of Eight Homologous Flares Leading to a CME Eruption
Schanche, Nicole   The EUV Connection to CMEs and "Blobs"   *E-Poster*
Stenborg, Guillermo  Coronal Mass Ejections and associated Shocks:  Build-up and propagation in a complex environment   *E-Poster*
Thompson, Barbara  Analyzing 3D CMEs with the Time Convolution Mapping Method
Vanninathan, Kamalam DEM Analysis of a EUV Wave Generated by a CME
Watanabe, Tetsuya Plasma Eruptions Seen in EIS during a C8.3 Flare on 2014 April 4
Plenary Session 2b. Dynamics of Energetic Particles, Wave-Particle Interactions, Shocks, Turbulence
Alaoui, Meriem  Evidence for a Co-Spatial Return Current in RHESSI Solar Flare Spectra
Case, Anthony Solar Wind Speed-Temperature-Acceleration Relation
Daw, Adrian   Continuum Emission Observed by IRIS During Solar Flares
Freed, Michael  Characterizing Turbulent Flow in Quiescent Prominences
Kawate, Tomoko  Comparison between Visible White Light and EUV Continuum Enhancement in Solar Flares with Hinode/SOT and EIS
Roelof, Edmond  Extracting Solar Energetic Particle Injection Histories and Decay Phase Propagation Directly from Observations
Salem, Chadi  Thermodynamics of Solar Wind Electrons
Hinode / IRIS Splinter Sessions  
Katsukawa, Yukio Study of High-Speed Flows Associated with Chromospheric Transients around a Sunspot
Tian, Hui   IRIS Observations of the Transition Region above Sunspots